Staff in Vietnam


Trang Nguyen, Program Assistant

Trang has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Being fluent in English, she had volunteered as an English teacher to children from disadvantaged backgrounds for 2 years before graduating and traveling across Vietnam in 6 months, which reaffirmed and strengthened her passion for working with children in the nonprofit field.


As a Program Assistant at Families In Vietnam (FIV), Trang works effectively with other staff members, with the board of FIV, and with the children. Trang’s goal is to help poor children to have better education.


Hoa Nguyen, Manager of Family Services

Hoa resides in Hanoi with her husband Binh and their daughter.  She is fluent in Vietnamese and English.  As a child she spent time in an orphanage while her parents could not care for her, and has worked as a peddler in Hanoi.  She has walked in the shoes of the FIV families.


Hoa runs the social-work aspects of FIV’s program in and around Hanoi.  Her love for the children and respect for the parents allow her to make a difference in their lives on a daily basis.

Son Nguyen, Program Manager

Son has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Hanoi University of Business and Technology.  During secondary school he had to take a couple years off to work as a rural-urban migrant in Hanoi, peddling to earn money to feed his parents and siblings.


He is fluent in Vietnamese, English, Chinese, and Malay.  Son truly understands the lives of the people served by FIV and works effectively with government officials, school staff, parents, children, and FIV board members.


Thu Duong

Thu is currently studying education in Australia. Thu has a bachelor’s degree from Hanoi University. Her primary interests are development and social services for the poor. We are very fortunate that she chose to work with FIV. She is highly qualified, having taken a number of internships with well-known international development organizations.