Donation Cost Per Item

Potential donors have asked us the cost of items we routinely assist our families in obtaining so they can know how much is needed for certain items – here are our donor guidelines – please donate any amount you desire – every gift is appreciated and valued.


$30 provides a child with good nutrition for a month, including meat, yogurt, vegetables, fruit, and rice.


$50 pays a month’s rent for a homeless family in Hanoi. Our staff goes with the family to identify a place for them to live in Hanoi. FIV then pays the landlord directly each month until the family is on their feet again. Examples of when this is needed: parent gets out of prison and needs a place to live, family gets kicked out of one-room apartment for not paying the rent and is now out sleeping on the streets, and so on.


$5 purchases “All About My Body,” a book written in Vietnamese for a teen girl, in order to help her make good choices as she enters a very confusing world where tradition collides with modern sexual pressures.


$20 provides a 4-month supply of pre-natal vitamins, in order to reduce the risk of low birth weight and encourage healthy fetal development.


$50 will treat several STDs for a girl who has been caught up in difficult and unhealthy situations. Non-residents living in Hanoi are not eligible for free or reduced-cost ob-gyn treatment. This is one of the difficulties of being a rural-urban migrant.


$30 buys a 3-month supply of birth control pills for a mother so that she can choose the number of children she will bear.


As life around the world is the same, FIV families have emergencies arise as well – these have included stitches for a child’s bad fall, surgeries, a bus trip to attend a parent’s funeral in the countryside, and so on.  Non-specified donations go to help us pay for these costs.  Any balance that needs to be covered in emergency situations are donated personally by Board Members.