Medical Care

Below are treatments FIV was able to provide thanks to gracious donations.


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Treatment for Severe Burns:

Severe burn of an FIV-sponsored child treated thanks to donations to FIV.

This is one of our sponsored Kindergarteners with a cooking burn from helping to prepare dinner for his family.  His wound was bathed, sanitized, treated with burn cream, and then bandaged.  Many of the families in our program cook on open fires.  Burns are a common childhood injury in Vietnam.  We love the spirit of our FIV kids to still flash us the peace sign and a smile with that little hand!







Dengue Hemorraghic Fever:

A. has made a full recovery from his Dengue Fever and is now an excellent student in our program.

Nine-year-old A. contracted Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, a mosquito-borne illness which is a growing threat in Vietnam. Often the first infection is mild, but subsequent infections require hospitalization for treatment of bleeding from leaking capillaries throughout the body. A. was extremely ill. Without hospitalization, A. might have died. Thank you for providing the financial resources which allowed FIV to pay for A.’s hospitalization! His recovery was complete and he is now an outstanding student in school.







Sarcoptes Scabei

Scabies is most common among people who live in overcrowded conditions, and whose ability to practice good hygiene is limited – this is often the case in the slums of Hanoi. Scabies is a relatively contagious infection that can be passed between people by only close skin contact.



No more tears for Baby H! Baby H., Big Sis L., and Mom post-scabies treatment.

Christen, Hoa (FIV Staff), and Baby H.'s mom get him to the tub before his scabies medication treatment.

Christen, Hoa (FIV Staff), and Baby H.'s mom get him to the tub before his scabies medication treatment.

Scabies is caused by a microscopic 0.3 mm long mite, which burrows under skin, laying eggs. When these eggs hatch, the mites rise to the surface of the skin and repeat the cycle the original host, or within the skin of its next victim, often classmates, siblings, parents and/or caretakers.

Christen Buchert, the Director of the Hanoi Program, traveled to Vietnam and has treated many FIV children during her trips to Vietnam. Read more about her journey here.


Surgery for an Intestinal Blockage Caused by Intestinal Worms:

P. needing surgery.

P. did not know why her severe abdominal pain would not go away.  At the age of 7, she was brought to the hospital and diagnosed with a severe case of intestinal worms, causing a blockage.  After surgery, she was back to normal and returned to school.  FIV was able to pay for this surgery with the generous donations of people with a heart for these children in Vietnam.

Glass Eye Replacement for Eye Lost in Gouge from Water Buffalo:

N. adjusts to a new glass eye each year as he is still growing.

N. shortly after the accident where his family's water buffalo gouged out his eye and damaged his brain.

N. lost one eye as a pre-schooler in an encounter with the horn of an unhappy water buffalo.  He is a quiet and sweet little boy.  Every year, as he grows, FIV provides a new glass eye for him.  We have also treated his eye socket infections.  He is unable to succeed in school, possibly due to a brain injury sustained in the water buffalo encounter.  He helps his father to farm and learns to care for animals.


Methadone Treatment for Heroin Addiction:

Heroin addiction is endemic in the slums of Hanoi.  Many of the children in our program have parents who are addicted or who are dealing heroin.  These people are often arrested.  Many desperately want to end their addiction and beg us for help to do so.  Methadone treatment hospitalization and detox programs are very rare and expensive in Vietnam.  FIV has paid for high-quality treatment for heroin addiction to several of the parents in our program.


Surgery for Rectal Bleed:

Life is hard for the people we serve.  Without someone to pay the hospital bills, health care is inaccessible for many.  We are happy to be able to provide for surgeries and other necessary medical treatment.





Orthopedic Shoes: 

Having a bone disorder makes walking difficult and painful. Here M. is excited for the opportunity to get orthopedic shoes.

M. and her family wondered for years why some family members’ bones were misshapen and they had trouble walking.  M.’s older brother had surgery to remove large bone spurs, which improved his mobility.  Her father was a beggar in Hanoi.

Finally, FIV took M. to a clinic with an Australian doctor who put countless hours into x-rays and a diagnosis for the bony protrusions all over her body.  M. has a genetic disease called Multiple Osteochondromatosis.

Tracing her foot for the best fit.

Special shoe inserts and quality shoes purchased in the U.S. have made a tremendous difference in M.’s ability to walk.  FIV was able to finally give a medical answer to the family about why they have these bone problems.  FIV will provide surgeries as needed when M. grows up, as this is a life-long problem and M.’s case is severe.