Prenatal & Neonatal Care

Below are treatments FIV was able to provide thanks to gracious donations.

2 Weeks Overdue and Emergency C-section:

Being 2 weeks overdue is all smiles . . . until it is not all smiles!

Mommy H. was 2 weeks overdue.  Everyone around was becoming very concerned.  Finally FIV staff brought H. to the hospital, where she had an emergency C-section.  Thankfully, Baby M. was healthy although very large!  Upon returning home, Mommy H. began to bleed.  Back to the hospital, where FIV donations again allowed Mommy H. to receive the medical care she needed, allowing a full recovery.

But thanks to FIV donors . . . I arrived safe and sound!

Thanks to generous donors who want to make a tangible difference for families in Vietnam, Mommy H. and Baby M. are alive and healthy today!





Neonatal Care for Premature Baby:

And thank you to FIV donors . . . Here I am now!!! Love, Baby C.

Baby C. was ready to come into the world . . . too early.  Being approximately two months premature in a developing country, her chances were not good.  FIV provided for a month of hospital care in the Neonatal Unit for Baby C.  After Baby C. was able to return home and join her family, Mommy T. was provided with infant formula and bottled water, since she was not able to supply breast milk after that length of time.








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Care and Education of Pregnant Women:

Baby T. says thank you for all your care for me before I even arrived!

Illiterate Mommy D. had succumbed to the vice of prostitution to help provide for her child.  She only learned to read as an adult and is by all accounts very child-like.  For D.’s safe and healthy delivery of Baby T., seen here, FIV provided for prenatal visits, prenatal nutrition (yogurt and meat), paid for a necessary C-Section, and purchased formula and bottled water due to inadequate milk-production for various reasons.  FIV also provided for hospital visits including x-rays, medications, blood work, and an OB-GYN visit for Mommy D.







Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnant Women:

FIV provides prenatal vitamins to any women in our program who become pregnant. Living in situations where meals are not a guarantee, or giving much of the food they are able to acquire to their children, adequate nutrition is even more of a concern for these pregnant women.  Prenatal vitamins are provided as they are one of the most effective preventative measures which can be taken.