The CLIMB Fund


The C.L.I.M.B Fund: The Official Sponsor of New Futures!

The “Changing Lives Initiative: McGough Barber” Fund, known as the CLIMB Fund, was founded by Jennifer McGough-Barber to promote the education of, enhance local communities for, and encourage self-reliance by the people of Vietnam, while strengthening the cultural bridge between Vietnam and the United States.  One hundred percent of your donation goes to our children and their families to be used where most immediately needed.  Our Families in Vietnam (FIV) board members personally underwrite any Paypal fees, bank transfer fees, or any other overhead costs ourselves to ensure every cent donated goes to our neediest families.


Current Projects and Requests for Donations:  

FIV Board Members travel to Vietnam every year to check-in on our families and address their immediate, and oftentimes unanticipated needs.  In the past, Christen and other FIV volunteers have provided children care such as burn treatments and scabies eradication, had wounds stitched, purchased adequate clothing for warmth, and given All About My Body books to teenage girls.

If you would like to help PLEASE DONATE and we will update you with amazing pictures and notes from our trips so you can see what your dollar did for a child in Vietnam.  Check our Facebook Page for updates on our trips and sponsored children.  FIV is an IRS 501(c)3 approved charity, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law!

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Donate to CLIMB any amount you can and it will be used where most needed!:


CLIMB Kids: 

The motto of the CLIMB Fund is borrowed from Jennifer’s grade school where she first learned the value of community service: “Per Aspera Ad Astra,” a Latin phrase meaning, “Through hardships to the stars.”  CLIMB supports our kids emotionally and financially, allowing them to believe their dreams for life can come true and then helping them achieve those dreams.  Among our success stories are excellent school attendance instead of panhandling on the streets and providing guidance to escape prostitution as a means of supporting families.  A compelling example of our effort is a young woman currently sponsored by CLIMB who is attending Medical School instead of languishing in poverty.

Our efforts include: 

  • Family support for a grandmother left to care for 3 grandchildren who were abandoned by their mother due to drug use and prostitution,
  • Assistance for a former FIV-sponsored child to go to Medical School,
  • Assistance for 7 children to begin kindergarten, who would not be able to afford attending school without FIV,
  • Full support of school fees, school lunches and uniforms for 3 children,
  • Hand-delivering several letters and gifts from sponsors, whatever we can fill in eight suitcases!