Women’s Wellness Care

Below are services FIV was able to provide to young women and mothers thanks to gracious donations.

Families In Vietnam female staff provide access to health care for women through the existing Vietnamese health care system.  Rural-urban migrants are not legal Hanoi residents and therefore do not have access to free or reduced-cost OB-GYN care.  In addition, social stigma prevents access to contraception for unmarried women.

Families In Vietnam volunteers and staff seek to educate teen girls and young women regarding their bodies and making healthy choices.  Every teen girl personally receives a Vietnamese book called “All About My Body” to help her make good choices as she enters a very confusing world where tradition collides with modern sexual pressures.  Many young people have never heard of a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Our staff ensure that every girl knows they have someone to talk to whenever they need a listening ear or help.  Staff and FIV volunteers have done rape counseling, been the person to gently tell a woman she is HIV positive, and brought women to clinics where they can gain access to much needed treatment.


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Donations for Women’s Wellness have been used for treating breast abscesses, STD treatments, birth control pills, and tubal ligations when a mother has completed her family.