About Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child provides the opportunity of a lifetime for an impoverished child and creates a connection between your family and a child in Vietnam. There is no overhead taken out of Child Sponsorships – every dollar goes to meet the needs of your child. For less than a dollar a day, you can provide a child with the opportunity of a lifetime!

After selecting a child to sponsor, you will receive full information about the child and his or her family along with photos. At least once per year, you will receive a letter from your child, photos, and an update from the Program Director who visits personally with your child. Once per year, you will also have the opportunity to write a letter to your child, send photos of yourself and your family, and send a care package (see Sponsor Gift Guidelines for more information). Receipts for tax purposes are sent out at the end of each year.


Phuc Tan School Invoice for Fall Semester, Names Omitted to Protect Privacy

School fees are paid directly to the schools. This is an invoice for the children attending Phuc Tan primary school in Hanoi. The names have been crossed through to protect their privacy.